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Curly Hair Care

Over the last 12 weeks I have embraced my naturally curly and slightly wild hair. 'No heat' styling, air drying and moisturising, nourishing products have helped my curls spring back, look less dry and as if they are meant to be.

I have been experimenting with some new products from Maria Nila. 100% vegan and cruelty free and no nasties. Maria Nila are providing high quality Professional Vegan products in a Sustainable, Conscious way. I love this. I am already enjoying styling hair with the brilliant styling range of products for my Brides but am now starting to enjoy them in my own home. Next on the list is the Hair Mask range and yes, there is one for all hair types. REPAIR is perfect for curly hair which tends to be naturally dry or coloured hair. In my case curly and coloured so I will give it a go.

Structure Repair- Shampoo and Conditioner

Curlicue Cream- Worked through midlengths and ends and scrunch and twist curls

True Soft Argan Oil- Scrunched into midlength and ends when hair is Dry. I also use this on wet hair before air drying or blow drying and heat styling.

I have also been really enjoying some beautiful Organic products by Tabitha James- Kraan.

I absolutely love this Pioneering company lead by Tabitha in Organic Hairdressing working with the 3 main principles of Oil Balancing, Correct Cleansing and Moisture Layering.

Dry Shampoo- For those days inbetween washes and extra volume and body for finer hair (I don't need any more volume)

Organic Hair Perfume- I refresh my curls inbetween washes with a spritz and scrunch to revive the form and reduce frizz.

Organic 3 in 1 Conditioner- I use this on my wet hair before air drying and also on dry hair to moisturise the midlenghs and ends.

I'd love to hear who else has some Curly hair care wins to share or 'No Heat' styling tips. Hopefully we are all washing our hair less and have packed away the Tongs for the summer and are loving our beachy natural waves and curls.


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